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17-Jan-2018 16:46

One front in this battle has been the hotel industry.Traffickers like to use hotels to ply their trade, since they can get in and make some money and then move on before they attract too much attention.In that case, the silver-spoon Georgetown University graduate was accused of taking a swing at a female cop who responded in Sept. She was there for “anger management,” her lawyer told the judge.2013 to a drag out fight over unpaid rent between Biden and her roommate. The facility only treats anger in the context of a broader drug addiction treatment, the facility told The Post at the time.Money can be a stressful factor in any relationship.When there are intermingling finances, bills to be paid and considerations to be made about saving for the future, money can become a source of conflict.Perhaps because of this, some hoteliers were early activists in the anti-trafficking cause, including Marilyn Carlson Nelson, the former chairman of the chain (which owns a bunch of hotels including the Park Plaza, Country Inns and Suites and all the different types of Radisson).Initially, this was against the advice of their legal teams, who were leery of highlighting any illegal activity that was taking place within the hotels' walls, but now many hotel chains, including Hilton, have signed on to the ECPAT Code of Conduct.

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Read the full post here Author: Travis Andersen, Boston Globe (USA) Two alleged victims of underage sex trafficking in Massachusetts filed a lawsuit Thursday against Backpage.com, accusing the company of assisting in the abuse that occurred approximately 2,000 times by allowing pimps to advertise sex with minors on its website.

This allowance comes not with excitement and joy, but with feelings of confinement, frustration and maybe resentment.